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Black and Brown

26 Mar

So, I have NEVER been a fan of black and brown together. I don’t care that they are neutral colors, they just never meshed well, in my opinion. Be that as it may, I’ve been noticing a lot of black and brown being matched up. So, I’ve tried it. I wasn’t disappointed. While I definitely  was really stepping out of my box with this it always turned out nice.

Also, please realize I am backing catch up from MONTHS… queue the slide show

IMG_6587 IMG_7635


The first outfit — what you can’t see, is all black, pink blazer, brown boots, and cheetah scarf.

The second outfit — what you can’t see, is a Denim Shirt, neutral based scarf, off white tank, black jeans, pulled together with nude pumps. With out the scarf I did not like this outfit. It definitely pulled everything together.

I really will work to pull this picture part together.


The Challenge : complete

6 Jan

Alright! So it’s been a while and I ran into some bumps in the road but I was able to complete the challenge, some what. So it took me so long to find a denim shirt I liked! And lets not even talk about the damn cheetah scarf, whew!

So, and again, sorry for the ratchet bathroom pic. I couldn’t get the whole outfit. I will in future really work to take the picture so you can see the entire outfit.


So, this is the look.Original post here

A little Peplum!

10 Oct


I will work hard in the future to have much better pictures than “Ratchet Bathroom” pictures and Dressing room pictures. It was my intention to take other pictures, but the combination of me going out at night, obviously the lightening was not good for that,  and this really being my first outfit per-say it just didn’t work out, so my advance apologies. I edited the photos as much as I could to eliminate the unnecessary .

So, like I’ve said in a previous blog, I am a HUGE fan of animal prints. SO,this is the outfit I put together. Now, I love love love the peplum look, but my issue is my breast are big, so most times one piece dresses don’t work for me. They sometimes just don’t fit the way I would want them to. To achieve this look, I did a skirt and top combo.  Since I was going to a club, I did do a little hiking up of the skirt. But, I do like the pencil skirt look a lot better.

Finished product:


(Peplum Shirt found at Ny & Co. , Skirt found at Forever21 Plus, Shoes can be found at Nordstrom: Steve Madden Obsessed, Jewelry can be found at Aldo, Watch Fossil)

Leopard, cheetah, and zebra …oh my!

2 Oct


SCARVES! Alright so, while I started seeing scarves last fall, I wasn’t necessarily on that trend. But, I recently cut my hair and because my neck is now exposed a bit why not warm myself with this scarf trend! I am a big, big, BIG fan of anything with a animal print. Now, honestly I keep the animal print to my room decor or maybe a clutch but I’ve never actually experimented with it on my body. I’ll start small. And what better way than with a scarf. I’ve noticed that we are putting a lot together and the scarf really pulls the look together. So I am inspired by this look:


I found this on Pinterest. Now there are a lot of elements in this look. The chambray shirt and the colored skinnies. I love love love cheetah with reds and mustards but I’ve never thought to pair it with chambray shirt and colored bottoms or any combination. Now, honestly, I don’t know how much I would like this look with out the scarf. This look needed exactly that scarf to tie it together… Literally. In the next few weeks I will pull this look together and post it. Consider this challenge 1 for myself. I stay away from colored skinnies. I love them just not on my shapely legs but I confident this look will look good on me. So I am excited!

(Scarves 1-3 can be found on Francesca’s . Scarf 4 is located in the junior section of Nordstrom)