+Find: These boots were made for walking…

9 Oct

Alright, so my +Find this week will be my boots. Now, I haven’t worn them yet, but just putting it out here. I don’t know if I can call these a staple piece because they are shoe, BUT, it was imperative that I find boots this season. It’s early in the season, and like a lion I am on the prowl for boots. Now, I have to have width calf boots. My calves are big. I have a large shoe size and my feet are wide, so my options are limited. Now, I’m sure there is like Fashion 101 what not to do is buy something you aren’t in love with, but I think there should be a clause for reality. The reality of the situation is, if I wait to long I may not find anything! So, I found some boots:


Now, when I first found these, I was least than thrilled. In my search, I am finding that the wide leg calfs just aren’t as stylish as other “regular” boots. BUT, less is more. They are a lot more plain than I had in my mind, but I am sure I can dress them up. So, I look forward to putting them on and making it work!!  So… stay tuned to see the look. Will look perfect in Challenge 1.

(+Find can be found at: DSW : Audrey Brooke Taylor Wide Calf Riding Boots)


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