The Challenge

2 Oct



Hello there!

This is my journey, and I am going to document this from my point of view! The plan is to become more fashion forward, re-invent myself, if you will. I’ve always been sort of a plain Jane, but the older I get the more I become tired of the same ol’ same ol’. Recently, I’ve gone through a lot of feelings regarding my fashion sense. I know what I like…but on other people. My being a little more on the curvier side it’s hard to see the same visions on myself. My biggest fear that I will just completely make myself look like a fool. But, a dear friend of mine has challenged me to step outside my box, buy something I wouldn’t usually buy and just take more fashion chances.

You are your own worse critique! While I am definitely not under anyones microscope, I always feel like there are a pair of eyes fine tuned onto me; picking me apart and that is where I start to hold back. For weeks now I have been surfing different websites, blogs, Instagram, and Pinterest looking for new ideas. As you are aware, the season of Fall is vastly approaching and why not seize the opportunity to sport trendy scarves, riding boots, colored skinny jeans and tights! Tons and tons of tights! And this is where we start!

My plight:

I am on the more curvaceous side of the scope. I am well endowed in the breast department. My arms are slightly a little bigger than someone my size. My wrists and ankles are thicker. I was cursed with flat, wide and long feet and thick calves. While visually I do have a nice shape, it is hard to accommodate all of this and quickly pull together a nice and shapely outfit. I run into problems where my arms don’t fit shirts that have buttons on short sleeves, or pI am buying larger button up shirts to accommodate my large breast and then the shirt is bigger and baggier in other areas, not leaving a nice silhouette at all. Because my hands are bigger and my wrist are thicker it is often harder for me to find nice bangles, and I have never been a fan of stretch jewelry. Shoes! Oh my word! My love for shoes! I end up being in love from a far. I am a huge huge fan of ballet flats and moccasins and oxford style shoes. I will save my obsession with Louboutin’s for another post, but my point is a lot of shoes in those particular styles are meant for a more narrow foot, and as we all know, the bigger sizes sell out FAST! BOOTS! Boot season is amongst us, no tall Uggs for me, strictly shorts. And, in my experience the wide calf boots leave a lot to be desired, but I am determined to work this all out. And, I would be delighted if you sat back and joined me in this journey!

Stay tuned! I will be posting as often as I can, at least once weekly at the very least! But, I am honestly excited to see how I can expand my closet and rework my closet, And let me not forget I am in no way, shape, or form rich in any manner. SO, if I can start finding these things on some sort of discount or in a way where I am not spending $50 for one thing that would definitely work out in my favor!


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